Drill Baby Drill? I Don’t Think So

I love this simple graphic, from Grist.org:

Great diagram of the impace of offshore drilling, found on Grist.org


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  1. Rafael on

    I say panel, baby, panel–as in cover your roof with solar panels. Am I the only one who wonders why every roof of every house in this country isn’t covered in solar panels? In these hard times, electricians could be making a killing selling and installing solar panels.

    My guess is energy companies don’t want this. If you cover your house with solar panels, you buy very little electricity from your local energy behemoth. In fact, solar panels often produce more than you can consume and the electric company actually has to pay you for the extra kilowatts you are putting out! Not good for them. That’s why T. Boone Pickens is pushing wind energy and you don’t hear a peep from him about solar.

    Pickens and all the others want to continue selling you your electricity, naturally, but we can change that. The people need to push the government for solar panel subsidies now!

  2. Rafael on

    And speaking of solar:


  3. Marc O. on

    Great, simple graphic. Love the utter insignificance of offshore drilling in the whole picture, and thus, the insignificance of that tired Republican refrain.

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