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In 2011, it’s predicted that half of all US cell phone sales will be smart phones.  In the global market, that will happen by 2013.  While Nokia is still the most dominant brand, iPhone obviously has been growing.  I learned this and more during a Webinar sponsored by Aquent and the American Marketing Association.

Unfortunately, statistics also show that only 20% of free mobile apps  were still in use after a week, and only 5 % were still in use a month later. So the question is – how do you build an app that truly engages your audience in an ongoing manner? Mobile success is not automatic – there needs to be serious effort put in to building your mobile presence.

Another issue is measurement.  Javascript – used to measure clicks – is often not present or enabled on mobile phones, and cookies may not be allowed on mobile devices and networks.  Some carriers will strip HTTP to their character limits.  So what to do? There are work-arounds, and the best option is a “waterfall” approach – try Javascript tagging first, then server-side image request, then wireline capture, and finally API collection and insertion (although this option can mean using significant IT resources).

Importantly, whatever you do or have built – look at key performance indicators that meet business objectives and analyze “high value tasks” in your mobile work – what do you want your customers doing/ what provides them with the most benefit.  And make sure your reporting is automated as much as possible; otherwise  much time will be spent compiling data before it can be analyzed.

Beyond these technical considerations, what are overall best practices for marketing via mobile? The Mobile Marketing Association has just released best practices for “cross-carrier mobile content services” to include “text messaging (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS), shortcode programs, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and mobile Web.”

The Webinar was recorded and is still available online here.

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